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     Rachel Bertrand was raised on a rice farm and cattle ranch in rural Crowley, Louisiana. She walked at seven months and began riding at three years of age...believe it or not! She and her family used horses for working cattle, pleasure riding and competition. Rachel has a way with horses, is how it was described back then! Her apparent gift for handling horses began in her pre-teen years. Unlike most young girls, her love for horses did not fade and her desire to teach them became a skill. Over the years she developed methods to break and train horses by gentle means. In her words she, "gains their trust and never lets them down." She believes "if a horse loves you, he will run to his death for you". Meaning a horse is willing to please beyond his limits and trusts his rider will keep him from harm.

     Rachel began training horses professionally after graduating college in 1984.  She has started hundreds of horses under saddle ranging in age from 16 months to eleven years. She works primarily with Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Paints, and Arabians. She is most known for producing horses with a solid foundation and an excellent using handle which prepares them for any discipline. She trains and finishes barrel horses, using horses, working cow horses, pleasure horses, trail riding horses and more. She halter breaks, re-trains and re-tunes horses at any level. In her spare time she is out working cattle, on a trail ride or at the barn making friends with a new arrival!                                  Friend Rachel on Facebook:   NOW

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Rachel Bertrand

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